Timber experts

Since 1920

Laminated wooden scantlings for windows and doors

We produce and trade lamellar scantlings for the production of doors and windows through an automated production process capable of managing and optimizing work flows.

Wooden Lamellar Scantlings

Produzione lamellare per porte e finestre

Corgnolini wooden lamellar scantlings

Timber Trade

Corgnolini Legnami imports and distributes a vast range of wood species throughout the national territory: temperate hardwoods, tropical hardwoods, resinous woods and panels.

Timber Trade

Commercio legnami
Officina elettrica

Electricity production

We produce electricity respecting the environment.

On the 12,500 square meters of roofs (entirely reclaimed from asbestos) of our industrial factories, we have set up 3 photovoltaic systems, each with the following powers: 200 kWh - 300 kWh - 400.00 kWh.

Our plant has zero environmental impact.

The energy needs of our machinery, drying systems, forklifts and offices are covered entirely by solar energy produced by 3 photovoltaic systems whose total power is close to one megawatt.